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  1. RCS

    Need help identifying these fonts please?

    Museo perhaps? http://new.myfonts.com/WhatTheFont/results?ch'>http://new.myfonts.com/WhatTheFont/results?ch[0]=W&ch[1]=&ch[2]=o&ch[3]=i&ch[4]=B&ch[5]=&ch[6]=l&ch[7]=E&ch[8]=l&ch[9]=N&ch[10]=E&ch[11]=W&ch[12]=F&ch[13]=&ch[14]=&ch[15]=a&ch[16]=&ch[17]=l&ch[18]=H&ch[19]=k&ch[20]=E&ch[21]=B&ch[22]=F&ch[23]=U&ch[24]=O&ch[25]=&ch[26]=&ch[27]=D&ch[28]=r&ch[29]=o&ch[30]=G&ch[31]=F&ch[32]=P&ch[33]=o&ch[34]=A&ch[35]=&ch[36]=O&ch[37]=&ch[38]=d&ch[39]=R&ch[40]=Y&wtfserver=aws_wtf2&id=000f78094e0a20b6000eeba900005af0&glyphcount=41&imageid=0&x=68&y=41 Neat little site, can upload a pic of the text and it finds the font used. Given it is a halfway decent pic and not too obscure a font. http://new.myfonts.com/WhatTheFont/
  2. RCS

    which cutter software is best?

    A new Signblazer is being developed???!!!! Sweet! I love using my Signblazer. I found it very straight forward/easy to use. No complicated ways of doing things, just seemed to work the way it was supposed to if you know what I mean. Perhaps the others like Flexi etc do also for people but it seemed like their learning curve would be alot longer...and I needed to get cutting rapid If you haven't tried Signblazer I would recommend doing so...especially seeing as it is free
  3. RCS

    Manual laminators

    Hi gang Am going to be purchasing a print/cut machine (cjv30 or vs300 - undecided but that discussion if for another topic) and a fair chunk of my work to start with will be decals and will need to be laminated. Not got much space but obviously will need something that is capable of of matching the printer in size - or perhaps seeing as alot of it will be decals they could be cut in half and run through a smaller laminator seperately?? That would kill any ability to laminate larger things if needed. Sorry, thinking and typing at the same time so am ranting abit. Main ? was does anyone have experience with these sort of things.. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Manual-Cold-Roll-Mount-Laminator-39-inch-Laminating-NEW-/200644712077?pt=UK_BOI_Office_Equipment_Supplies_Office_Equipment_ET&hash=item2eb75b568d Are they easy to use and produce good results? Have seen the big sueeqee holder things. How would they compare to the above item? It is rather annoying as I have the budget to get a slightly more 'exotic' laminator but just don't have the space.. Cheerz, Jon
  4. Hi Everyone, I'm Jon and am from the UK. Currently run a small custom airbrushing and supplies business and am looking to expand to the realm of signmaking. Looking forward to hopefully learning and receiving advice from the members on here and if at all possible, returning the favour. Kind Regards, Jon