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  1. I'm looking for the 27th infantry army wolfhound image. does anyone have one like this badge? I want to sandblast a rock for my relative and this is his badge. I have been looking for a eps or svg image i can convert. Many Thanks
  2. tazzdog

    need help please,

    i'm looking for the forum on how to do this..i have a background of swirls and I'm trying to put a border/frame with the word pantry inside of the frame/over the swirls. I'm wanting to put the frame over the background swirls, but have no swirls show thru.. i have been googling the punch, weld buttons, but cant figure it out. can someone tell me where in the forums they have instructions on how to do this/ thank you, this is my third day of figuring it out. i'm sandsblasting my glass. i attached a picture,so you can see what i'm trying to do. Doc1.pdf
  3. tazzdog

    need help please,

    yes,I was trying to get the swirls out of the box area.. I used the punch out, but it didn't work. thank you for your info. I ended up doing two different cuts, then weeded out the swirls first in the box, then applied my next "rect. pantry stencil over it.. it took forever, but had to get it finished,.i will play around with what you said, so I know for next time:)
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    Need help with a clean up

    I have this cranberry swag I will be blasting on a rock. I'm trying to get the two berries that are touching to be separated from each other and the other berry to be not flowing in the vine. (for my sandblasting stencil I can't have the two images combined. they will be different colors painted. I have been messing around in inkscapes with it and can't figure it out.basically I want the berries to hang like the first two berries from the leaves. any help would be soooooooo appreciated. thank you, tina cran.renee.eps
  5. tazzdog

    Need help with a clean up

    Thank you. Any of these will work. I will use it to finish my present, but i'm going to keep messing with it in inkscape so I can figure it out. I appreciate everyones input and help. thank you!
  6. tazzdog

    1966 Ford Truck

    I'm wondering if anyone has or knows where I can look for a eps image of a silhouette/outline of 1966 ford truck. Looking to put on rock for a memorial. Thank you!!!!!!!
  7. tazzdog

    need help vectorizing

    I need help vectorizing this jpg image. I have been messing around in inkscapes for hours and it doesn't look good. I want to use it in signblazer to make stickers for a truck. I can do the lettering in signblazer, so all I need is the auction hammer. Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you
  8. tazzdog

    need help vectorizing

    Thank you sooo much! Do you do that in Inkscapes? If you did, after you traced-bitmaps, how did you get it to look good? Thank you again!
  9. not sure where to ask for this help... I have two images in sign blazer. I'm trying to move one image over the other and have that one in front and combine them, so it looks like one image. I've looked everywhere and kind fin any instructions on this.. gbpacker.eps revolver.eps
  10. tried to attached my picture and it doesnt show up...
  11. Yes- i just need the stencil to blast the outlines. Then i go back and hand paint each item. I just never worked with overlaping two images to become one.. not sure if it will work. heres a Packer rock I did for my garden..
  12. Yes like the one above, "G" in the back.. How did you do that?
  13. I attached the files above. I'm trying to move the revolver in front of the G. and combine them as one picture. I want to sand blast them on a rock.