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  1. Where did you get those fills for the go kart graphics. their pretty cool!

  2. bhhracing

    Need some help with an image please!

    Thanks! I had no clue.
  3. My buddy wanted to use this his for his car, as it was his dads when he passed. BUT I cant get it to vectorize clean. Wanted to do it in cut vinyl. Anyone have programs that would help me? Thanks!
  4. you still have the brilliant blue?

  5. bhhracing

    need help!

    Thanks. anyone recognize the font?
  6. bhhracing

    need help!

    Friend needs his logo vectorized. I cant get anything to work, any help? Thanks!
  7. bhhracing

    File wont open

    How would I change the back ground in flexi sign? Thanks
  8. bhhracing

    File wont open

    Thanks! Was the image in the eps a vector or not? If it was a vector, can you put it in the vector format I can change the back ground? Thanks for eveyone's help!
  9. bhhracing

    File wont open

    It's being printed. Thanks for the fiels but none are what was in the file as he sent me a picture. I need it to be exactly what was in the file.. May be if you can just open it and then re-save it for me to try.thanks all
  10. bhhracing

    File wont open

    Hi Sue, i got your file and in flexi says file format not supported. Any way to put this in vector? Thanks
  11. bhhracing

    File wont open

    Hey guys! A customer bought this file and sent it to me. I cant get it to open. It opens but the file is blank. Anyone out there wanna try to see if you can get it, flexi sign cloud is what i got. Appreciate it if you can attach it back to me in eps, vector pdf, i can finally get his work done. Thanks all! orange flames.eps
  12. bhhracing

    Need some help ASAP.

    Mark, Which vector function would I use. I tried that before and it just changed the colors around and distorted a lot of the logo. thanks
  13. bhhracing

    Need some help ASAP.

    I work with flexi sign cloud. i dont need to vector it as it will be sent to get i right? thanks
  14. bhhracing

    Need some help ASAP.

    I got a friend that needs his logo printed, all he has is a jpeg. The issue is I need to trace the logo so it can be contour cut. I know it is an easy fix, but I rarely do these projects, just helping a friend. Thanks. I attached both logos one how it is now and other how he need it to look.thanks all for the help in short notice.
  15. bhhracing

    need some help.

    Hi all, I have flexi sign cloud. I used the tool and it keeps picking up a ton of pieces of the truck. Go C Wraps,thanks! That's pretty good! What program did you use?