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  1. stitchesandsigns

    Lookin for some fish vectors

    These are great! Thanks!
  2. stitchesandsigns

    Help with graphic to be digitized

    that looks great! thanks for all your help!
  3. stitchesandsigns

    Help with graphic to be digitized

    yes I still have the copam! Thank you SOOOO much!!!
  4. stitchesandsigns

    Help with graphic to be digitized

    I'm trying to make a vinyl sticker to put on my truck back window. I would like it to say FOOTBALL at bottom Alex #69 Below that Thanks for your help!
  5. stitchesandsigns

    HELP!! With window decal

  6. stitchesandsigns

    HELP!! With window decal

    It's amazing how much time a "free" job cost. I like the idea of the shield you have. Where do I get it?
  7. stitchesandsigns

    HELP!! With window decal

    The department wants these for all of the members back windows - I'm a firefighter/paramedic and I was asked to do this because I have a vinyl machine.
  8. stitchesandsigns

    HELP!! With window decal

    I'm trying to make 70 decals for the fire dept. using oralite reflective. The first graphic was too detailed and too hard to weed - The second is too simple and won't weed. The Gretna & Fire & Rescue have no borders - the ladder has no borders... ANY help would be appreciated!!!!!!!! Thanks in advance!!!! GRETNA FIRE & RESCUE.pdf
  9. stitchesandsigns

    Maltese Cross

    I really appreciate the input/help - when I open the file only half the cross shows -
  10. stitchesandsigns

    Maltese Cross

    Sorry.... gwrking.pdf gwrking4.svg
  11. stitchesandsigns

    Maltese Cross

    I'm trying to vectorize a maltese cross - see file - I've been playing with the speed, force etc on my copam 2500 - I've tried a new blade, adjusting the depth... I've tried to calls to support.. It seems the graphic might be too detailed? I've tried decreasing the number of nodes... I'm using Sure Cuts Alot Pro (just installed it - so I'm still learning) I have Corel, and Adobe. I'd like the cross to be solid - keep it simple - so it cuts better and looks good. I have to change each "G" number for every member... I've been cutting tests on oracal 651 - the end media is white reflective - ANY help, input, advice would be GREATLY appreciated... Thanks!
  12. stitchesandsigns

    Stick people sports

  13. Do you have one for a 2011 prius??? Thanks!
  14. stitchesandsigns

    skull for a welding helmet

    thanks! good job
  15. stitchesandsigns

    Logo Vectorized - HELP!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks Dr12volt!!!! Thanks to all who replied.