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  1. Hummer

    LED lights on cutter

    Terrific idea! Thank you for the visual.
  2. Hummer

    LED lights on cutter

    This is really interesting. I have old eyes as well. Can someone please post a pic, so that I can see where they put these lights? Thank you ...
  3. Hummer

    Swapmeet find

    Nice....great find!
  4. The stain is oil based. I am using FDC vinyl. I think that I had better test this out first. Thank you for your input. I just wasn't sure whether the water based urethane would affect the vinyl. I have used polycrylic over oil based stain on numerous occasions with no issues. I just let the oil stain dry (off gas) for a couple of days first.
  5. As the title suggests, can I apply polyacrylic over vinyl on a stained board? This will be an indoor project. I did look through the archives but couldn't find a definitive answer. Thank you for your time...
  6. Hummer

    this guy installs Blindfolded ?

  7. Hummer

    Prayers for mr 300's

    Very sad news indeed. My deepest condolences to Bill's family. Prayers sent.
  8. Hummer

    Prayers for mr 300's

    Continuing to be in my thoughts and prayers...thank you for the update.
  9. Hummer

    Prayers for mr 300's

    Thoughts and prayers sent out to him and his family...
  10. Hummer

    My new Biker tee

    Thank you...
  11. Hummer


    Merry Christmas and all the best to all in 2016...
  12. Hummer

    From a frind

    OMG....that was funny! You got me...
  13. Hummer

    Scary Mean Pit Bull graphics

    Thank you very much Skarekrow...
  14. Does anyone by chance have any really scary, mean looking Pit Bull graphics that they would care to share with me? Looked online but couldn't find what I had in mind. Thank you for your time...