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  1. j4str

    envelope distort screwing up graphic

    ya i did. I screwed with it forever and absolutely could not get it to work correctly. I closed illustrator, started a new document, brought in the raster graphic and traced it again, starting over from scratch. This time i worked fine. I don't know what the issue was. Glitch in illustrator i guess
  2. j4str

    envelope distort screwing up graphic

    here is two side by side of what happened
  3. Im trying to distort a vector so that it sits even on a tapered drinking glass. When i distort it, it doesn't do it evenly though the whole graphic. Lines start overlapping. Is there a way to do this without it screwing up the graphic?
  4. j4str

    warping text for tapered cylinders

    yes, youre right. I just figured it out after you said that. If its only an inch wide it wil barely need any % but if its 5" wide it needs a much higher %. Is there any easy way to calculate it?
  5. ive been experimenting with getting the warp correct for my cups and shot glasses. Using adobe illistrator, ive found a 10% warp for my glasses and 23% for the shot glasses. Im wondering, will 10 percent always work, or is it going depend on the width of the graphic and size of it?
  6. j4str

    static cling material

    somebody out there has got to have black. Or maybe a dark tinted clear.
  7. j4str

    static cling material

    I want to cut some black window clings. Ive been using sign vinyl but i want them to be reusable. Anyone know where i can get some?
  8. j4str

    Glass etching....

    this 99% all i use my plotter for. I use oracal 651 and i sand blast them.
  9. Im looking for some fishing vectors. stuff like these ones http://t2.ftcdn.net/jpg/00/15/75/65/400_F_15756549_jEK9aVW8d8ONni9PgleNzHJoAw7x61sf.jpg anyone have any? Thanks
  10. j4str

    where are you going

    ive seen where this happens when you send the plotter too much information. Like if you trace a really big picture and there is like 500,000 anchor points.
  11. Here is a tutorial made today. I had to turn this: in to this:
  12. j4str

    cutting 24" vinyl with mh871

    got it cut. 2 rollers worked perfectly. Why they give you three is beyond me. They should tell you that the third one is just a waste of space. 24" zombie squad decal
  13. j4str

    cutting 24" vinyl with mh871

    sweet. I think it should work. I don't see why it wouldn't.
  14. j4str

    cutting 24" vinyl with mh871

    Do you put them right at the end? anyone else have anything to add? Does everyone only use 2 rollers? Why does it come with 3?
  15. When i first got my machine, i absolotly could not get it to cut large vinyl. It was like the rollers were to far apart and in between the rollers would get a big air bubble and when the cutter hit that air bubble, a hellish fury would ensure and the vinyl would start getting ripped and torn. Ever since then i started using 6" and 12" vinyl and havn't had a bit of trouble. Now that i have more experience, i want to try some 24" again and i was hoping for some tips. Maybe i just had my rollers too far apart orignally? When i tried 24", i had the two outside rollers all the way on the outside edge and one in the center.