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    Marine boots and gun cross

    grabbed thanks
  2. Have a new dance studio in town that wants names on all their doors. They do not want just vinyl they want some type of nice substrate. Can anyone point me to a website for something like this. Thanks
  3. stickerman

    Rifle vectors

    grabbed. Thanks
  4. stickerman

    Scoring the back of a sticker

    So I can print and cut full color stickers now! However how do I score the back of a sticker so my client can just separate it and peel it off? Do I flip it over and just cut a single line at a very low pressure, this could be time consuming on a lot of stickers? Any thoughts. Thanks
  5. stickerman

    Scoring the back of a sticker

    Yes the backing is alittle bigger than the sticker. I honestly don't see the issue, but hey when you have a couple customers complain about the same thing.
  6. stickerman

    Scoring the back of a sticker

    That's what I thought too but have had 2 customers ask me how they were supposed to get the sticker off since there wasn't a peel line! Duh!!! Gotta cater to our customers though. Will try the cutters from uscutter and see how it works out.
  7. stickerman

    Help Iding these fonts

    Can anyone ID these fonts used in this sign. Thanks
  8. stickerman

    Help Iding these fonts

    Yes don't you love the welding. This is the guy in town who has a brick and mortar store, while I work out of the garage. Been asked to make T-shirts, of course I will weld the font and make his logo look better.
  9. stickerman

    Bought the Roland BN-20

    So I just bought the Roland BN-20 and was wondering if anyone could help me with pricing. Salesman says with ink and media it is $.60 per sq ft. does this seem right?
  10. stickerman

    Anybody know this font

    Can anyone identify the font on this? Thanks
  11. stickerman

    Anybody know this font

  12. stickerman

    LED Lights

    Been doing sandblasting for awhile now but would love to do a couple led backlit signs. Would someone be willing to walk me through what I need to buy (and where) and how to do it. Thanks.
  13. stickerman

    LED Lights

    I like what Jay did. Will have to look into the LEDs a bit harder I think.
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  15. stickerman

    Bought the Roland BN-20

    I used Lodde systems out of San Antonio.
  16. stickerman

    Bought the Roland BN-20

    thanks for the input
  17. stickerman

    Bought the Roland BN-20

    That was based on just the CMYK ink no white or metallic and the cost of the 3mil or 4mil white printable vinyl. Trying to get a good idea of what price to charge for stickers. I round my cost up to $1.00 per Sq Ft and then decided to charge $3.00 per Sq Ft. Does that sound about right?
  18. Have turned away a lot and subbed out other orders for people wanting full color stickers...So, with that in mind I am looking at the Roland BN-20 (price is my major concern), I know I would be limiting my self on size, however no one has asked for anything bigger than 20" yet (allowable printing). With that in mind do I get the BN-20 or try to find a Versa Cam 30" used somewhere? Please any thoughts and opinions would be greater appreciated.
  19. stickerman

    Need some help in buying a printer/cutter

    That is true on large orders, but the small orders kill you when trying to have a large company do them.
  20. stickerman

    What printer is needed ?

    I looked at this machine last year at the Arlington NBM Show, and liked it other than the size. But I think I can live with the size, we just added a 4 color screen print system to the business (still haven't unpacked it yet) think this addition will help take us to a new direction for sales. Was just curious what other people had heard and knew about this machine. I am trying to find a good used Roland 300 but at least with a new BN-20 I would have a warranty and some tech support. Thanks all for the input.
  21. stickerman

    What printer is needed ?

    Anyone have the BN-20? I can't afford the 300, but have turned away quite a bit of business because I cant print full color stickers. I have a couple customers now wanting a few thousand stickers made so any help anyone can give me on the Roland BN-20 would be greatly appreciated.
  22. I am looking for a price for 75 vinyl stickers 3" x 6". I will design and send a vector just need printed and contoured cut. Thanks
  23. Need 50 full color stickers made 3" x 6" each with its own serial number. Can anyone help me out. Thanks
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    The Airport is looking to have taxi permits printed that's why they need the different serial numbers, for accountability.
  25. stickerman

    Need just a bit of help

    downloaded. ty