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  1. Any recommendations on 13x19 sublimation for dark colors?
  2. KoMckenzie


    Ok Thank You
  3. KoMckenzie


    What does it mean when it say arms mark scan error! Moving destination is out of area
  4. KoMckenzie

    Graphtec CE7000

    Ok Thank You
  5. KoMckenzie

    Graphtec CE7000

    I have a MacBook any suggestions on how I can get that software
  6. KoMckenzie

    Graphtec CE7000

    No I haven’t calibrated the cutter since I bought it so can you walk me through the steps on how to do so? What software do you use and where do I go to change the the size?
  7. KoMckenzie

    Graphtec CE7000

    Yes I’m using registration marks and I use abode illustration with cutting master 4. I upload my image yes I use contour cut but when my graphtec cutter starts to cut it cut out my image but it’s never on point it’s always above or under.
  8. KoMckenzie

    Graphtec CE7000

    Hello everyone I have the graphtec ce7000 and my question is how do I resize my job size to cut my image out correctly? The cutter is either cutting above or below my image and not the actual image itself.