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  1. See my note below, but I did the same and just called USCutter service number and Greg fixed me up by sending me a good device driver for my SC2 and Windows 11.
  2. I had a US Cutter SC2 that was a friends and he wanted me to do all his vinyl needs and I could us the cutter as well. I purchased SCAL and I was off and running. Then I did the Thing, I let my computer upgrade to windows 11 and I no longer could cut. I was short on time and returned the cutter to my friend saying I could connect to the cutter any more. This was back in April of 2022. I sent several emailed back and forth to CraftEdge to no avail. Now it is November 2022 and I purchased my on SC2. with MasterVinyl CUT 5.0. After following all the instructions to install cutter in MVC 5.0 I still could not connect to the new cutter. I turned in a ticket to Future.Support and after 2 days got a response back that said to follow instuctions, that I have already done. I searched the internet for the correct driver and could not find anything that might work and nothing did. So I called USCutter Service Number and in five minutes Greg sent me the correct driver and I am good. Now I can cut with both MasterVinyl and SCAL. I will be working with my friend to get him up and running. He had not had time to see if the old cutter had a problem, but I don't think so, just USCutter needed to update driver to work with Windows 11. So call USCutter and get the right driver if you cant connect. Thanks. John Rinehart