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  1. Nicole B

    Punch out from 2 Curves

    Thanks Darcshadow, I'll take a look at Inkscape
  2. Nicole B

    Punch out from 2 Curves

    Thank you for the help. Unfortunately I don't have AI but if I ever get it, I'll have the instructions. Thank you.
  3. Nicole B

    Punch out from 2 Curves

    bikemike - I really appreciate your help, this helps me finish my project. BUT if anyone knows how to accomplish this in vinyl master I would really appreciate the advice, as I will need to do this type of thing a lot. Thanks!
  4. Nicole B

    Punch out from 2 Curves

    OMG, yes! Thank you, that is exactly what I need. How did you do that? I need to be able to do this type of thing to lots of files.
  5. Nicole B

    Punch out from 2 Curves

    No this does not work, you can see what it looks like when I ungroup in the screenshot I attached. Per your reply, I tried this and while I can delete most of the nodes of the body, once I get down around the curve in the legs, it starts changing the shape of the legs as I try to delete nodes. I tried using the break curve tool (my first time using that) but for some reason it doesn't break the curve like in the video I watched but instead just changes the shape of the curve. Yes, the left leg line is the first curve, the right leg line is the second curve and the body is the third curve. I have attached the ai file. Please note there are a lot of other images in that file, I had just deleted them out for the initial screenshot to make it simpler to explain.
  6. I purchased an .ai file (screenshot of image attached). It's a dog with different colored legs. I need to ONLY cut the portion of the legs that are below the curved lines, I don't want to cut the dog body. Both the body and the 2 separate lines were created using curves. I have tried highlighting the body and lines and using punch, trim, intersect, keep, etc. everything to try and slice this body away. just leaving the legs, but nothing works. It just makes either the dog body disappear or just make the leg lines disappear. What am I doing wrong?
  7. How do you guys apply a long decal (oracal 651) to a wall and make sure it’s level? Basically once I stick part of it to the wall there’s no peeling it off to reapply. What are some tips/tricks to doing this?
  8. I added the box and the S and O touch but the T U D I do not. When I cut the text on my titan I only measured the T by hand (because it was the easiest to measure) and it measured 6.0 (like I had set for the physical size). I did not measure the other letters. So I did just now since I see they are not touching the box on the screen. The TUDI are all 6.0 but the S and O are both 6.2. So I guess if I wanted the largest letter to be 6.0 I'll set that on the left side knowing that the smaller value on the right will only be for some of the letters. I just didn't think by using all caps that there would be a difference in the letter height. Thanks for the help.
  9. @darcshadow I don't think it's a scaling/calibration issue, because if I cut an image, say a square and I set the height and width to say 4.1, my titan cuts it to exactly 4.1x4.1. This only seems to be an issue with text, where I have to enter the height I want into the PHYSICAL size box, rather than the size drop down that is on the left side. And while that is not a problem per se, it's just that I have no way of knowing the exact width unless I actually cut it. So when I set the physical height of the font to 6, and it shows the selected object (value on left) as 6.2H and 31.027 W and my cut comes up just short of the 31.027, I do believe that to be an accurate (calibrated) cut, because it's actually cutting according the the 6, and so of course it won't be 31.027 wide, because the 31.027 value is based on a height of 6.2. My cut came to 30.93. Which for personal use, I don't care if its 30.93 vs 31.027, but when I am sending a proof to a customer and say its 31.027, it can't be 30.93. Hope that wasn't confusing. Bottom line, when I cut a shape, the titan does cut to the exact measurement I have entered. This is only a problem with text.