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  1. Installed new control panel and still doesn’t work. I have one solid green light in the main board, and another that is flashing red. Anyone have any idea what the flashing red led on the main board means?
  2. Found a problem. Ribbon cable broken where connected to display board. 3 on one end and 4 on other end.
  3. Bought a used non working Titan 3 68 inch from an individual. Powers up, green led on power supply, fan runs, display and buttons light up, but is blank. Replaced carriage board and gained that now when powered up it says us cutter and titan 3 in display then goes blank. Replaced motherboard and display is same but also now the carriage move to the right side now and that is it. The only button on the control panel that gets a reaction is the reset button, all others no response. Have replaced the carriage ribbon wire with new and same results. Have tried all combinations with both Carriage boards and both motherboards and both carriage ribbons with no change. I have a green led on solid and a red led flashing on the motherboard. I've been working with Greg and Steve from support but neither have been able to tell me what the flashing red LED means. They are in the process of trying to get me a new control panel but I have mine out and looks good. I asked for all new ribbon cables and a new i/o board but they thought the i/o board wasn't the problem. My ribbon cable on my display appears to me to be permanently attached but they say not. I've got cuts a lot pro 5 loaded om laptop with usb cable, no change, and laptop does not recognize cutter. Any suggestions. And thank you to support, they have made every effort to get this thing going but haven't come up with the correct answer. What am I missing here? Possibly a bad wire from power supply over to the right side. New motherboard could be bad? Has correct part number on packaging. There's not much else to go bad , is there? Right now I'm hoping it is the white ribbon cable going up to the display. The push button board looks perfect, can't see anything wrong there. The white cable on the display has a couple kinks in it but no bare spots. All connections were still siliconed except where the i/o board cable plugged into the motherboard. Thanks in advance.