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    Printing on Vinyl

    I am currently trying to print onto my oracle 751c, with a design jet 800. Is there anything specific that I need. Like different type of vinyl or ink? There is no paper loading option for vinyl, ive tried a few different options When I print onto it, it doesn't hold/dry well.
  2. nicholas.chrapowicki

    Applying vinyl

    I am fairly new to applying vinyl. And I am having trouble applying it to surfaces. I was courius if someone could explain the proper way to apply it. I'm working with small stickers and large. Up to 18 ft wide and a few feet tall. I am applying it on a large dumpster. Side question, does the uneven wavy surface of the dumpster affect the alignment of the sticker and how straight it is. I can spend a hour trying to make it perfectly straight, and when I apply it, after taping it and quadruple checking it is still uneven. Side Side question, how to apply with no bubbles or creases in the final product?