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    Vinylmaster cut

    I have the controller loaded, now my journey begins. All of you're fast responses saved the day
  2. Skibo

    Vinylmaster cut

    Thank you , it is now cutting. This forum is awesome
  3. I recently purchased Vinylmaster cut for use on my newly purchased Graphtec CE5000, I am getting a HP-GL error. I tried a trial version of easy cut and it had an option to set HP-GL / GL-GL in the program , the trial version worked fine . I purchased Vinylmaster due to good reviews. The key pad on plotter is acting up so I cant set there . I am asking if there is a provision in Vinylmastercut 5.0 to change settings. I tried hard reset on plotter , and took side panel off and removed and re plugged ribbon cables from key pad in an effort to clear up issues . any help would be greatly appreciated.