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  1. jillkmorgan

    Cannot Save or Export File

    After hunting online, I discovered my problem. I have 3 displays, but only using 2 at the moment. The popups for saving and importing are coming up on the 3rd display which isn't running. I disconnected that display and now all is well. Thanks for your help, much appreciated. Jill
  2. jillkmorgan

    Cannot Save or Export File

    Well, that didn't work at all. Same problem. Software no use to me if I can't export files. Jill
  3. jillkmorgan

    Cannot Save or Export File

    I will try that. Thank you. Jill
  4. I purchased VinylMaster LTR a couple of months ago. Haven't used it a lot, but today when I go to either save or export a file, it just freezes. Couldn't find anything on the forum on this so I am wondering if somehow the save restriction from the trial is still active somehow? I can go in to Task Manager and end task on the save and it unfreezes, but I can't save anything or it freezes again. Jill
  5. Got a response from support. I had to click on the teeny blue arrow next to the upper/lower case icon and had to do that while the arc tool was active and had at least one letter typed. I am also told that I can leave this visible if I go to Windows - Workspace reveal all tools but there is no Workspace option for me under the Windows tool. I await a response from support on this. Slowly getting there. Jill
  6. In the about section it says version 5.0 with last updated on 2021-12-30, so obviously up to date. And in the help files, it demonstrates using the flow buttons in the toolbar to choose between top and bottom of the arc. Jill
  7. I'm actually looking at getting the Vinyl Master LTR. Seems to Offer everything I need, especially the multi-line arcing text. I'll have to check who I sent the query too regarding the missing flow buttons. Thanks, Jill
  8. I have Vinyl Cut Pro, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. The Arc text, not Arch. I use Arch in Photoshop a lot, so the term sticks in my head. I'll just work with the various pieces of software until I hear from support on Monday. More design work this weekend than cutting work. I can do the cutting through Vinyl Cut Pro Was hoping to be able to do everything in one piece of software. Afraid to purchase to discover the flow buttons still aren't there. Thanks, Jill
  9. I have downloaded the demo as the LTR version seems perfect for me, especially the ARCH tool being able to do multiple lines top and bottom. But on my demo there are no flow buttons at the top to switch to the bottom of the ARCH. I have emailed USCutter, but I am sure I will not hear back till Monday and I have work to do this weekend that if this software works well (which looks like it will) I would like to purchase and get to work. It says that the demo has no limitations except on saving and cutting, so the ARCH flow buttons should be there. Is there somewhere they are hiding that I have to click on to have them show up? I have hunted all over the place. I tried all the different sofwares, but the bottom ARCH is not available on any of them. Jill