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    I work at a small print shop and we're looking into foil printing with metallic foils. We print out a CMYK image, we then seal the layer off with a soft-touch laminate. We overprint in black the parts of our design that we want to be finished with foil. Finally, we laminate it with metallic foil, it only sticks to the toner. The issue we're facing is getting the second layer (black overprint for foil) to align with the first layer. When we print on laminated stock, the image just moves all across the sheet randomly (1-3mm in different directions, skewed). Also, when we print on laminated stock, it comes out full of static. Any tips?
  2. christinaVi

    Newbie Needs help

    I have titan 3 and for cutting materials such as cardstock on an adhesive backed mat the body of the blade holder is too long and it will drag on the cardstock. I had to sand off a small amount of the thickness of the aluminum at the tip of the holder to get sufficient clearance to cut the thicker stack of material. Is there any other way you guys prefer?
  3. christinaVi


    ‎Are there any issues with the VinylMaster Cut Software?