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  1. My skeeter, thanks for the help! I figured it out. Good luck to all of you!
  2. So, how do I export it? I am not all that familiar with the software. Also, this is not copyrighted, this was created by me and a fellow Sailor. We did a re-design of our squadron logo and I am trying to get a third party vendor to put this on a t-shirt and a waterbottle to sell to my command. We just aren't very tech savvy.
  3. Hello, I just joined as well. I am in the US Navy and I work in the corrosion department in my squadron. We design our own logos, but I built one that I am trying to get another company to engrave on a water bottle to sell. They want a vector format (.eps or .ai) and the software we use is .fs. Can anybody convert this file for me? Thanks for the help in advance! NEW ARNOLD.fs