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  1. Nogog00l

    Problem to start CM3 from CorelDraw 2020

    What does it mean "Set the C6000 to GPGL", what is GPGL and do I have my CE5000-60 set to GPGL? Where can I download GUI installation menu for my CE5000-60
  2. Hi, I had to reinstall Windows and now I have a problem with CorelDraw2020. I can't start CM3. I always used CorelDraw X7 and had the same problem first. There was a sequence I had to follow what to install first, but I can't remember. Plotter Driver, CM3, Corel? Corel, CM3, Plotter Driver? I dont know. I testet all possibilities. I have testet CM4 also and there's the same problem. Starting CM3 alone is working. Windows 10 Pro 64bit 20H2 CorelDraw 2020 CM3 v2.2.1252gc Grapthec 5000-60 Driver: OPS662v300