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    I am now a sublimation junkie...........

    Great key chain, darling daughter!
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    Sign Blazer Driver question

    Okay, Thanks so muchy! Looks like I'm getting a couple of the drivers to send to the cutter, but now I forget to work the cutter. LOL! I had the Cameo Cutter in storage too. Have to find a manual somewhere, or a video. Thanks so much!
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    Sign Blazer Driver question

    Jerry, did you ever get this to work? Just wondering as I also have a Cameo. I'd like to use it for travelling as well. Personally, I don't much like the software Cameo uses. I'd prefer just to use SignBlazer. I'm not worried about contour cutting. Cameo's software will allow you to do contour cuts, as you know. Please update us & thank you!
  4. Joe, Good luck! Congrats on the first order! Hope it all goes smooth!
  5. Hi again, Good News - got the extra cutter working with the SignBlazer download, no problem so far. The settings looked a little foreign to me after always connecting with a 9 pin cable in the past, but the drivers supplied with the No-Nag Signblazer were for USB cables, so I just went for it! I stole a cable and a cord off one of my Epson printers and it worked just fine. Neither one of those cords looked like the original cords that came with this cutter, but I could not find them. It's been in storage for years, so I grabbed what I could find. This is my set-up (sharing if it helps someone) Windows 7 Pro, Signblazer Elements (Release 7 - September 2012) USB 2 Cable Cutter: US Refine MH721, 24" * Driver: Redsail RS800C, or USCutUC-1350 Port: Blazer Com3 USB Port 9600 Baud Rate Regarding the Driver: I don't know which one I will end up setting it to, but both of them seemed to work with this machine. If anyone knows which one is better, or if there is another you would suggest over these two, please share. There did not seem to be one specifically named MH721, which is the model number of my cutter. Since I'd read that either of the above would work, I just tried them both as an option. They worked! So far so good, hope it helps someone else. I don't really know what I am doing, just trial and error until I get it to work. Finding some ideas here and on the US Cutter site helped give me some ideas. Have a great Sunday evening!
  6. Hi Everyone! Well, it's been years since I was posting here, can't even find any of my posts from 2007! But I suppose it probably goes away after time. Anyhow, I have two of the 24" Refine cutters. I bought the paid for version of Signblazer Software, or the full version. Because I wanted to use my cutter to add to my business services, I then bought a second 24" Refine cutter (used) as a potential back up. My friend who thought she also wanted to cut vinyl bought her own cutter and got the same cutter I bought. After some time, she decided she didn't use it enough and sold it to me, with her full version of the Signblazer software. So, after years of using my first cutter, I have never needed to use the second one as a back up. My refine cutter has worked very well over the years, but I've been a bit upset that I have had to use the free version of the software, due to moving to other computers and the inventor of SignBlazer passing away. That was sad. So, I have (2) Refine Cutters, 24", model MH721, and (3) full version copies of Signblazer software with serial numbers I cannot use. I think the software was about $80.00-$85.00 when new. So, that is a lot of money invested in software that could not be used. For years, I've dealt with the "nag" screens on the free version of SignBlazer. I just remove, then reload to start the counter over. Yesterday, I was so happy to find a link to download of SignBlazer with no nag screens!!! That just made my day. I'm not upset anymore over what I spent, just so much wasted time in trying to cut my stuff over the years. Anyhow, THANK YOU to whomever it was that made the usable SignBlazer software available! You just made my day! Now, wish me luck as I try to make my first cut with the new downloaded SignBlazer. Not sure if I will find my driver. Hope it goes easy. Thank you for listening!
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    Another going to buy a cutter thread

    Thanks Mz Skeeter!
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    Another going to buy a cutter thread

    Stupid Question: What is the "SC" model??? Edited: Oh, never mind, just found it. US Cutter brand, okay. Got it!
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    Hello everyone, chad here.

    Hi Chad, Welcome!
  10. I mean "back" to cutting. Oops!
  11. Hi everyone, I've been here for years, just have not posted in quite a while. I have two of the refine cutters, have had them about 6-7 years. Also, I have a silhouette. Hopefully I can help out once in a while and maybe get some help too! Nack to cutting!
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    US Cutter Grommet Press

    Frogger, did they every replace those grommets for you?
  13. su-z-q

    Full version Signblazer Download (all cutters)

    Jay, is the "dongle" the disk I got when I bought Signblazer? I bought two copies of it years ago and ever since I moved to new computers, I have not been able to use those copies of the software on my new computers with the codes that I have. As I recall, I was told way back then then I needed a new code if I switched to a new computer. Back then, Jerry, who created the software was still alive and Ken Imes was still at US Cutter. Anyhow, that was a long time ago. I still have two cutters and both programs. However, I've been using the FREE TRIAL version with nag screens. Pain!!!! Every year or so I just remove the program and put it back on my computer to set the nag screens back to zero. I'd like to get rid of them though!
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    US Cutter Grommet Press

    Hi John, I could not find the press at the link you had provided in the post at beginning of this topic, I think US Cutter put it on a new page, is this the Press you are recommending? Thanks! -Sue
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    Nephew's pinewood derby car

    :woohoo: Very Cool! Your project brings back fun memories for me, I remember helping my kids make these little race cars too! We carved and painted, even won a race with one of them! You have to win for design at least! Looks fast :yes:
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    mh721 tracking problem

    Hi Ken! A video on how to do this would be great! I bought the same cutter and have also been wondering about why I can't get vinyl to cut right from the roll. I did compensate though, by cutting a sheet of the vinyl, then my job cut just fine. Anyhow, a video would be great! Thanks, Sue
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    Hello! From Washington State

    Hi Ken, Thanks for answering my questions here and also over the phone, you have been great! Can't wait to pick up my cutter! Sue
  18. Hi There! :happy10: I'm new here, so thought I'd stop to introduce myself! I have a small screenprint and embroidery business and want to add a vinyl cutter. I'm considering purchasing the MH721 (24" cutter) as it looks like a pretty good deal for the money. I'm not new to cad machines or vinyl cutting, but I haven't owned a US Cutter machine yet. As far as Software goes, we have Adobe CS2, Corel X3, and Macromedia Freehand programs. So, I think I'll probably just lay out my designs in one of these programs, then convert it to whatever file extension the machine will need to cut from. Can anyone tell me if the machine cuts direct from an .eps file? Or do I need to save it as another extension? Just curious and I do appreciate advice if you know. After reading some of the posts here, I'm a bit concerned about the problems some of the machine useres were having with the the USB connection direct from computer to plotter. I really want to use my USB connection if I do hook up to my computer, has the problem been cleared up yet? If all else fails, I was hoping to be able to load the file onto a USB thumb drive and walk it over to the plotter to read the file, would that work? Thanks! Sue