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    Laserpoint 3 arms cutting

    Hello, I was wondering if I am able to make crop marks in Adobe Illustrator and cutpath and have the Laser Point 3 plotter read the arms marks, or is this only possible in Vinyl Master? It seems a lot of the images I import change color when brought into Vinylmaster and I have a hard time getting the correct cutpaths for a lot of images I do. So in other words can this plotter do things such as a Graphtec fc8600, where you can cut outside cutpaths?
  2. Hello everyone! I recently bought a Laserpoint 3 cutter and I am hoping to use it for its ARMS registration detection features for contour cutting. My workflow is, Customer Files setup in Adobe Illustrator using ARMS templates, exporting a print file to Rasterlink5, using a Mimaki JV33-130. I would then like to import the cutfile and add specified ARMS marks in Vinylmaster. Which version of Vinylmaster would be best suited for this if possible? Any advice welcome and thank you.