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    Unfinished cuts

    So did another cut,this time rotating the pattern and yes missing part of the pattern but not in the same spot the plotter cuts nor the spot where the last pattern was missing.its as if the force changes.i can see a slight indentation where the blade passed.still waiting for graphtec to get back to me and have sent a request to computercut to have a tech call.
  2. Ch_tinter

    Unfinished cuts

    Been using computercut , haven't tried rotation of pattern but will on next cut.thanks will post results shortly.
  3. Ch_tinter

    Unfinished cuts

    I'm useing the graphtec ce6000-120 plus and after 3 years of smooth sailing I have now come to my first problem.patterns are coming out unfinished, I have replaced the Teflon strip and blade adjusted to where test cuts come out just as needed,but still patterns for automotive window tint come out missing the same spot on each pattern.any thoughts or advice would be much appreciated.