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    Western Belt Buckle

    I can not find the option to Fit text. F7 is more options, F8 is Exit F1 position text F2 Font F3 Enter Text F4 Letter Form F5 Engraving Options F1 Multiplate F2 Justify F3Text rotation F4 Filing system F5 Mirrored F1 Not Available F2 Special F3 Auto Run F4 Cups/Rings F5 Arcs These are the option lines using F7. I wonder if I do not have a current update for software. We purchased it used 5 or 6 years ago? Thanks in advance, Karl
  2. Karl Schaefer

    Western Belt Buckle

    I have a loose leaf notebook with pages. I did not see this in there so maybe I do not have it all. I would really appreciate the Manual. Here is the Buckle. Email is karl@beckerdiamonds.com Thanks again, Karl
  3. Karl Schaefer

    Western Belt Buckle

    I have a signature engraver 8080 Plus. I have some large rodeo Buckles to engrave. Oval with raised ribbons. 3 different spots. None of which are center. Is there a way to outline the area to be engraved and fit it in to this area? Thanks, Karl