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    Vinyl quality & Price

    I found this American company on Ebay They Seem to have phenomenal prices, I sent them a bunch of questions i will post the response when i get it. Has anyone used this product?

    Vinyl quality & Price

    Hi, I bought a new USCutter CS2 for my personal & business use. All thought i'm been making signs for over 35 years, I have always bought the lettering from a sign shop who treated me right. He has since retired. Back in the day 3M Products was the way to go. I take it now a days, there are as many brands of Vinyl manufacturers as there are toilet paper manufactures in the US. I'm all about quality and ease of use. I dont want to skimp on quality and run into cutting, application or longevity problems for being cheap. Could you recommend some decent brands of colored vinyl rolls makers and some good distributors that are easy to buy from. I dont want to over pay either unless it's a must. I would love to hear your opinion in this area. Thank you in advance. By the way Only Charmin 4PLY for me SONOFKONG...