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  1. Hello everyone I'm using a graptec CE6000 and I'm cutting quite heavy film, when the blade cuts up the grain it's trapping the film, how can I train the blade to cut down and not up, when it goes down I have no problem. I'm using AI CS and cutting master 3. Any help would be very much appreciated Thanks Steve
  2. Michie

    Graphtec CE6000 Trapping Film

    CB15U, the designs I have done are in AI and they are not following where I start. For example if I was to use the square tool where would it start then ? Thanks again
  3. Michie

    Graphtec CE6000 Trapping Film

    Hi MZ, I'm using car paint protection film, it cuts fine but it probably is a bit to thick 210mils. The problem is not the machine cutting it its when the blade cuts up its pulling the film up and then it gets trapped in the cutting head. So for example I'm cutting a square I need the vertical lines to cut from top to bottom not bottom to top and that would stop it getting trapped. I can't find anyway to specify where the blade should start cutting from it does what it thinks is best. Thanks in advance