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  1. Hi All, Does anyone own the Transforsa Clamshell Cap Press Machine? Would you say it was a good heat press? Does it the fact that it doesn't have a piece to hold down the hat make it hard to press? It is on sale and i want to buy it but i also don't want to spend the money if its going to be just a waste. Please and Thank You : )
  2. VinylNewbie

    Stretch or Not to Stretch

    Ok. So I am about to do some shirts for a client. She wanted woman's fit v-neck shirts with metallic writing. Here is my question. If i use the metallic HTV ( which i don't believe has much stretch) on the woman's fit shirts ( that will stretch when on the body) Will it make the HTV look bad.. like a pulling look when the shirts are on? I wanted to know how to advise my customer. I suggested unisex shirts to begin because of this thought but if it will be ok then i will proceed with her requested shirts. If there is a process to doing such kind of things please advise. Please and thank you
  3. Hey, As my name states I'm new to vinyl cutting. I have the Vinyl Master Cut software. I imported a black and white image and changed it into a vector. I am now trying to select different parts of the image to cut in different colors. Can anyone help me? it would be much appreciated. Thank You