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  1. I Thank you guys for the replies. So here is my thing. its not just cars. i have many many people interested from track cars, to trailers, to cars, to sprint cars. I have the market around me and in my area there are only 3 shops and they focus on commercial. When they do private vehicle they run approx 2-3k for a mid size color change. I have currently a guys that can print the material if i need a custom job done for 6$ per sq/ft as well so its not a huge rush. but also at the same time is why i am thinking of doing this as a side of the business to the car stuff. 


    My plan was to buy a large printer and a laminator as you stated. Most jobs that people want around here are color changes and things like "chrome" or psychedelic. Im saving also right now for a little better place to do it. but that is all to come. hence why im thinking of getting a press to generate more income. 


    as for the person offering 1200 bucks it sounds like he is screwing himself out of money big time or the money is not there. or he is just offering color change from rolls with no custom prints.


    you said HVT is bad for big orders? like if i did a fundraiser? what kind of printer if i got one before would work for the JPSS or 3g? would the 8 in 1 i posted work? or stay away from?

  2. So here is my dilema. I been pushing decals off facebook and its been working. slowly growing and i enjoy it. my end goal is to save for a large printer for vinyl wrapping cars. however this seems like a very good buisness oppratunity to do t-shirts and continue to do decals in the process and let my friend run that part of the buisness as i focus on my dream which is the car side of it. so before i take the plung into t-shirts, i am just curious on what to look into for a heat press. are the combos good? i was looking at something like to get started. but im not 100% how they do. i also found a few on craigslist that are aournd 150-200$.  I still have to read up on what all can be used. i know HVT for basic prints which i will proably use for now. Any information i will glady take and thanks in advance!

  3. Ok so i have had 2 people in 2 days come to me asking about a bulk order for fundraisers.  The first would like approx 30-60 stickers single color. The other im still getting details over. My question is how would you price for fundraisers and non-profit sort of orders? 

    I was thinking of my normal price then just cutting a % discount for the bulk order. (this is a thing im still working out) any tips are greatly appreciated.

  4. Thanks for the reply. ya the 10 inch was a pain. my goal is to get a printer/cutter but that to come in time. and your right designing times will cut tremendous with experience. Doing this job particularly has let me learn the cut program itself a ton.  Thanks for input 100% definitely will take into consideration about the fee. i mean i dout i will charge it unless its insane. Do you charge extra for multi color? like a percentage?

  5. So this is my 1st post here so glad to be here. also to start i realize after the fact that i definitely shorted myself. i am just curious on what others would have priced for this sort of job.  

    Background: i just purchased my 1st plotter about a month ago and after feeling confident i  went to facebook to test for smaller decal sort of jobs for friends. A person asked i could do 2 decals for their son who passed away. long story short it  end up being 30 decals total.  

    So here are the details.

    The Customer wanted 2 In memory decals for their son. 1 was a 3 color 10x7 and the other is 5x4 2 color. 




    for the 10 inch i charged each. for the 5 i charged 5 each. i gave a small discount and ended up coming out to 150 total

    Now like i stated i know i short changed myself because i had to design the image which took a good 4 hours because the image they gave me was shotty. and learning the color transfer was a process.  Also now that its designed any time they want something its just a cut and weed process in the future :).7

    So my 3 questions are here

    1. What would you have charged for the job?

    2. How do you guys price multi-color decals?

    3. What sort of discounts do you guys give on bulks orders? or do you do it all? 


    thank you guys in advance and i look forward to posting alot and learning lots more