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  1. Wildcatvinyldesigns

    Reflective vinyl removal

    At my day job we have about 100 cars we have to strip the decals off of so they can sale them. A lot of them are old police cars with 3m vinyl on them that is very hard to get off. We have heat gun, heat lamps, propane torches but have yet to find something that will take off the vinyl and glue with out having to use a air powered stripe removal tool. Takes about 6 hours to strip one car they way we are doing it but there has got to be a easier way. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Wildcatvinyldesigns

    New from Kentucky

    I agree it will be a lot to learn and don't plan on taking any orders any time soon. The people that have said they want me to do work for them are friends. And they know that it will take time for me to learn. I am a mechanic for my city government and we have to strip decals and install what seems like very thick 3m stuff that doesn't always do what I want it to do. Another problem is that they switch who we get the decals and wraps form all the time. So when a car gets wrecked it might just need a fender but because we switched vendors now we have to do the entire side of the car.
  3. Wildcatvinyldesigns

    New from Kentucky

    New to Vinyl and look forward to learning something that I might be able to make a little money from. Just ordered a Titan 2 and some supplies yesterday. Have already had several people ask me for quotes on doing the vinyl for there company and can't wait to get started. One is a small trucking and landscape company that should keep me busy since I also work a full time job and have 4 kids. Have 4 banners a guy is wanting for a automotive shop also as soon as I get up and running also.