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  1. harleyrkc


    I have a series of shapes forming the overall shape im looking for and welding the shapes themselves works just fine. But to achieve the overall appearance that I'm looking for I used a white object between several layers. When I weld them it ignores the white and brings all the objects to the front. Is there a way to weld all but that one object?
  2. harleyrkc

    New from Michigan

    Just what I didn't need......Another hobby. I'm all in now, ordered extra cutters and holders from clean-cut and more supplies will be ordered tomorrow.
  3. harleyrkc

    New from Michigan

  4. harleyrkc

    New from Michigan

    First cuts made. I didn't have much time to mess with it but after watching about 5-10 mins of setup videos I set a blade exactly the way the video showed and I was off to the races. First cuts came out perfect with no additional adjustment of blade and not the slightest hint of scoring on the waxed back. For my purposes VinylMaster couldn't be any easier, I found it very easy to figure out. Now I just need to figure out how to align two different colors onto one transfer tape.
  5. harleyrkc

    Newbie here from NC - Would love some advice!

    Don't forget to post what you picked up.
  6. harleyrkc

    Newbie here from NC - Would love some advice!

    Welcome and good luck
  7. Prints for my purpose don't need dimensional lines. I install and service building automation systems, I'm just happy not having to use 11"x17" prints on an install. I mostly need equipment locations and schedules. The schematics I draw don't need to be to scale so folded 11"x17"s in a book are fine.
  8. Sounds like I need to call USCutter Monday and see if they have any answers. I was already excited about the plotter, but this idea has me ecstatic.
  9. Is there a pressurized pen option for the Titan similar to the Roland one.
  10. Is there any particular pen that works well? Recommendations? 24" Blueprints will be a huge bonus for me since I hate 11" x 17".
  11. harleyrkc

    Greetings from Alabama

    Welcome. Just ordered a cutter myself. Please don't elaborate too much on the 3D printer, it's too soon for me to buy another toy. Lol
  12. harleyrkc

    New from Michigan

    I'll soon find out. Order was placed last night. Tracking says I'll have it Tuesday. I would love to say I'd have some stuff ready import into Vinylmaster Pro that night but I'll be chasing a 2 yr old all weekend.
  13. harleyrkc

    New from Michigan

    My nights are often spent invoicing or doing estimates. But this seemed like a natural evolution since I'm already somewhat familiar with editing graphics. I already have my original logo because I inbed them into my navigation graphics. Usually I would color my backgrounds to alpha so I can layer them, but it can't be much of a jump to Vector a graphic for cutting purposes.
  14. harleyrkc

    New from Michigan

    I do Commercial / Industrial building automation. I build and install the panels, then I build the graphical user interface to allow the end users to access everything from HVAC to lighting controls. I take existing blueprints, import them into something like gimp, clean them up and make graphics that are usable for navigation. I alter HVAC equipment graphics quite frequently, and I build lots of small graphics and animations to represent various states that equipment may be in.
  15. harleyrkc

    New from Michigan

    I'm getting into this to cut my own logos. We'll see where it goes from there. I thought this might be a good side business to help fill in during the slow times. If I can employ another family member to keep the cutter busy thats great, if not then no biggy. I'm mostly excited about being able to customize my own logo's on a job to job and panel to panel basis. This will also allow me to tag a lot of equipment that previously wouldn't have been worth tagging.