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I need some help Please

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Hi I am new to this and just can't get what I need to do so if someone could help me I would appreciate it a bunch

I bought a Us cutter and the program that it came with is only in MM and not Inches have tried to convert it but still not sure what I need to do what I am diong is this I have a 11 X 14 frame and a 8 X 10, 6 X 8 and need to put one Letter in each

the word is family so a F goes in the 11 X 14 A goes in 6 X 8 M goes in the 8 X 10 the I goes in U get the Idea I have tried to convert for the Letter F to go into the 11 X 14 do I type in the numbers that the convert says sorry don't have the hang of it yet and this is very new to me hope I make sense

Bonnie  :huh:    :angry:

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I loose to much money with ArtCut.

I just buy the WinPCSIGN Pro 2007 with the full training Inches support and all you need to make professional sign  the software work great with the plotter.

I buy from Ebay at $225 if I compare with flexisign pro ($2900) It's a deal.

This software is perfect for china plotter with is blade orientation function and is high quality bitmap to vector conversion.

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