HELP my USCutter LaserPoint 48" not work

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Hey people, gretz from Venezuela, i have a problem and i need your help...

my uscutter laserpoint 48" plotter does not work, I put it in online mode as usual and when I send it to cut from FlexiSign Pro 10.5.1 or Signcut X2, which are the two programs that I usually use to cut, the plotter simply stays online and doesn't work.

Another failure that I imagine has to do with what is happening, is that I press the "test" button and the needle goes down and it is as if it got stuck when going down.

I upload a video.

I hope I can get a solution to my problem, thank you very much.



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the LP has the ability to do the test cut box without even being connected to any computer. if you're having issues with simply running that test cut from the machine, then it's an issue with the machine. unfortunately, the LP is long out of production, and I'm not sure how available parts are for it. you might want to start considering an upgrade to a newer machine.

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