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I do, lots of the same thing.  Size is 4x4 with about 17 picks.  I have timed myself and I average 0.35.90 seconds to weed this and 98.42 to apply it.

What would be fair to pay someone per piece to weed and per piece to apply?  

I paid 10.00 per hour and that was wonderful for one, but for the other two, it was really really bad for me.  I want to be fair.

I am probably making this much harder than it is.  I was thinking of .25 to weed per piece and .55 per piece to apply.

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I think it would really depend on how much you're charging for your stuff int he first place, and how well you trust the person/people weeding it.

Kudo's to getting the timing down!  I'm lucky (or unlucky) that most of my stuff is word of mouth, and friends/family - so if they give me a bunch of stuff to do, but I don't have the time for everything - I cut it, then hand over the vinyl with my x-acto and tell them to "have at it" and to drop it back off when they're done. Sometimes it comes back with dust and dog hair stuck to the backing because of static, but I do warn them about that up front. Then I just tape it up, and hand it back for them to cut out separately. I just charge them the retail for the materials and very little on the labor since I didn't have to sit there and weed it to death. You would be amazed how many people think it's "fun" to weed, and are wanting to save a few dollars to do it themselves. It also helps that  I tell them they would get it quicker if they weeded it themselves, since clearly I really didn't have time to work on their project to begin with.

Understandably, not everyone has the luxury.


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