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I have searched the internet high and low, I have emailed both Vinyl Master and the Font company and I cannot get help.

I am trying to import fonts that I have downloaded to my computer, along with vector files, but I cannot figure out how to import them into Vinyl Master 4.0

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Standard Workflow for me is just Drag & Drop Vector files onto a New Document in VinylMaster.

My Font files (around 14000 of them Organized into sub-folders) are kept in a Folder on my Hard Drive that I point the Font Manager in Vm to to Browse and/or Add to the Vm Library thru the Font Manager ('Add to Lib' Button).

Also, I have had a smoother ride in Vm with ttf  (True Type Fonts) than otf (Open Type Fonts).

Don't know which Version of Vm you have but, Check the flollowing Vids for more info;


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