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What would be fair to charge existing customer for PDF editing??

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I have a customer who i have done a lot of work for .Designing their logo,sign,work,store front windows etc .Now they would like me to modify their product catalog with the new logo i made and add company info to it.Im using Ai which makes it way easy.It takes me roughly 5-7 min per page to remove the old info and replace with the new info ,They supplied the PDF files to me . I am at a loss for what i should charge. Right now im editing 18 pages total ,but there will be more to do at a later date. Thanks.

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18 (pages) X 7 (minutes) X (shop rate) = Job Cost

You just need to ask yourself how much '3 hours' Shop time is worth with this Client .

(Take it from me, always add half again the time you THINK it's gonna take until such time

as you are completely confident in how long it's gonna take... Then you can DOUBLE the Time :)



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