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Hi a customer has a logo that they want cut. I tried to cut it (Imported as .EPS) but it wont cut the center of the letters IE A,B D, etc...

 They told me it was created in Photoshop  (I don't have photoshop) The file is a .EPS file.  I put their logo into Corel Draw , and "converted to vector" and it shows up with the center of the letters not cut again!  Has this happened to anyone (with signblazer?) is there an option somewhere to tell signblazer to cut the centers out of the letters (someone told me flexi has an option "with holes / without holes".... any help is appreciated!

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Photoshop doesn't do EPS!  (E)ncapsulated (P)ost-(S)cript is already a post-script file . It sounds as if they may have exported as "paths to illustrator" (an option from within photoshop) but if my memory serves - this will only export an "outline" of the object. Had their file actually been a vector file, you 1-would not have needed to "convert" to vector, and 2-it should have ALL of the paths including the centers of the letters already there.


You may try importing the file into Corel and then do a bitmap trace to see if that will give you the paths of the centers of the letters. Otherwise, if the font is a fairly common one, you may have to retype their lettering to get the centers to cut. Another option is, if you're good with the pen tool, you could try drawing the paths by hand and see how that does for you.



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