Arching Logo for Curved Glass

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I know a similar question has been asked and answered several times, but I'm not wanting to cut text to curve on a pint glass, I'm needing to cut a logo to apply and sandblast.  The logo is an oval with wording going through the oval at an angle.  I just can't get it right.  Any help out there please.  Gonna end up bald after this.  Thanks in advance.

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I think your saying is when you apply your logo to the curved serface, it destorts.  Just like applying a line of text to a windsheild? That line of straight text is now curved. 


What I do is apply a sheet of paper to the windsheild and then snap a straight line, remove paper and you now have your arc that when followed will be straight.   Same thing just on a smaller surface and or tighter arc.


good luck

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