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Hi. Ive been doing stained glass for a few years now, and I recently developed a method to eliminate about 90% of the time spent in the pattern stage of the process which allows me to produce finished works in about a 1/2 to a 1/3 of the time normally spent whike achieving a much higher level of accuracy. Ive had a lot of success in almost everythin related to the design process of vector patterns to cutting them in vinyl and then plotting them. The problem is the oracal 631. I figured that most of the vinyl is the same and just bought pretty much the first 30" roll I saw without really knowing much about it. I start by taking my pattern piece and sticking it on my colored glass, I cut the piece. The problem arises when I go to grind the glass, which uses a spinning grinder wheel and water. I grind one side but as soon as I touch the the vinyl which is where I stop grinding, water will creep under the edge. On a large piece it stays put since the middle is still attached but on smaller pieces the vinyl will lift up and start to move which doesn't do me any good.

What I need is a vinyl that doesn't release easily when water is being pushed into the edge. I am thinking I need a vinyl adhesive that isn't water based, but I also want it to be able to peel off, preferably without tons of residue to clean off. would the oracal 651 be a better choice maybe? I assume the longer you leave it on, the harder it is to remove, but these would only be stuck to the glaas for about 20minutes to an hour at the most.

Thanks :)

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The 631 is used for indoor applications, mostly painted walls and you are correct the adhesive is water-based and meant to be removable. The 651 has a Solvent-based adhesive and I am guessing it should work better for your needs. I've used it as a stencil for etching glass with Armour Etch and the vinyl will remove pretty easily after running it under some warm water but it doesn't just fall off by any means. Hope that helps a little, I am sure someone with a little more knowledge will jump in pretty soon.

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