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Help with Image from Illustrator to SignCut

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I posted this under a different area but feel it might be better here (sorry for double posting):

Well I got my cutter set-up and istalled last night and have been busy playing around on it since. I think I got a lot of it figured out but I'm having trouble with one image in particular. It's a vector image created in Illustrator that I'm trying to cut out. It will be my first multi-color vinyl decal. To help illustrate my problem I've attached two screenshots, one from Illustrator highlighting the paths, and one once the image is sent to SignCut. My issue is that Signcut wants to cut each path from Illustrator when all I really want is for it to cut the outline of each color. Is there something I need to do in Illustrator before sending it to SignCut or do I need to modify it once it's in SignCut? I appreciate any feedback!



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