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I purchased a TC Series Cutter yesterday....It will be delivered tomorrow ( YAY ) I'm actually delighted and surprised it will be here so soon! I've been running my t-shirt shop for 5 years with my 25' P-Cut and sign blazer. I have not had one ounce of trouble out of my machine and the only thing I have ever had to replace is the cutting strip and blades. I have on many occasions wished I had TWO machines so I could get the jobs done that much quicker especially when I have to do 200 t-shirts! I have been reading the forums on the Sure Cuts Alot software and I'm not thrilled with the trouble people seem to be having with EPS files...EVERYTHING I have is in EPS!!! After reading all that I went in search of ANYTHING to do with a TC Cutter...there is ZIP here on this cutter....Am I the first person to buy one of these??  Anyone know anything at all about this cutter??? Thanks in advance!

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A cutter is a cutter is a cutter.


All of them operate basically the same (some with stepper motors, some with servo motors).


The TC is a mid-range of the budget line, it shouldn't give you any headaches.


I would suggest trying SignBlazerElements, although it has a tendency not to accept newer versions of EPS.

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