Replacement blades and additional blade holders

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So I've been using the SC 24" and it's pretty awesome, a major reliability upgrade from my dysfunctional MH 721, but I cut a few different materials and it would probably be nice to have different blades and holders for the various things I cut so as to avoid adjusting the blade height repeatedly.

Are there options or can I only get the parts offered on the UScutter website? I like to shop around for my materials and it would be nice to know if I could use other brands (Roland, Cricut, etc.) and if there are other blade holders that would do the trick.

Unrelated: Is there any way to not get roller marks on the vinyl? I always end up with faint tracks from the texture of the rollers where my roller clamps go. I'm not doing decals yet, so it hasn't been a problem thus far, but it would be nice to make it go away.

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