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6 Graphic #'s from Mega Collection Wanted/Needed

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Well after another arm surgery and months of rehabbing it, I am starting back into a little sign making.

I am currently revamping an Auto Mechanics shop. Former sign shop he used close it's doors. (cheap vinyl was used it's shrunk and curling up.)

I know they used these graphics from the 3 volume mega collection that US Cutter sells, and I do plan on buying the complete set once this job is done.

I have 4 regular glass doors to do, 2 all metal doors on the rear of the shop, a large office window, and 2 large shop doors, a 4X10 outdoor wall sign, and 2 small shop banners, and a combo of these 6 graphics were originally used.







Thanks i'd appreciate any help on these 6.

US Cutter does have the best price on the whole set and I will be buying it, just gotta get this job done and then I can order it up.

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could you supply an image? I might have them.

I went to the vector art mega collection website and just searched to find them.

Just type in the number and a small pic is shown.

#33666 - is a car jack.

#36917 - "jonnie b's" auto repair, they changed out the name of course.

#36916 - has a battery, alternator, spark plug, water pump maybe, not sure what it is, the pics are so small on their website

#34699 - spark plug with flames

#36215 - a black background with multiple tools on it. (gonna be cut as a replacement banner)

#34687 - Wrench with Wings

Oh and #36918 is a shock, muffler, air impact gun, and a ratchet wrench with a socket on it graphic.


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ok i have most if them i think it's the spark plug with flame i don't have. just have to pay it forward. or pay me,lol

Thanks for those towman 208. :thumbsup:

I have and will pay it forward when I have something someone is in need of. I will be buying the whole 3 mega collection set soon and if anyone has a need for a couple to help them out, I'll send them or post a few to help whomever get the job done.

I know we can't post them all for the world, and I respect that, thats why I usually buy clipart on CD. A good one that I like and was not expensive is the Bill Wood classic car clipart CD. A car guy like myself who hangs out with other car guys likes getting one or 2 cut as a gift.

I posted a few of those cars on here in this thread before, and encouraged others to buy the full CD worth. Any of the signgold small sets are nice as well. I bought 2 of those.

I do have the clipart DeSIGN Ultimate Ornaments Mega Pack, if you need anything from it post up and I will search the book and give you an assist just as you have done for me.

I was gonna buy the 6 for the 24 bucks just rather buy the whole set and use that 24 bucks towards it.

Thanks again for these 5, they will get me well on my way on this project.

I will buy the whole set before needing them the next time, looks like a high quality set to get.

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