SC 34" cuts fine at 1 g pressure. Okay?

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My new SC 34" cuts great at 1 g pressure. Tech support said "Your blade must be too far out!"

It's not. I used the free hand method. Run it by hand across the vinyl and adjust the blade depth until it cuts the vinyl and not the backing.

I can barely feel the point of it with my fingertip.

I ran a series of tests at 100 speed. At about 40 g pressure it leaves a minor impression on the backing paper.

Under that it leaves no impression on the backing paper, but still cuts nicely all the way down to 1 g pressure.

So I guess I'll be cutting at around 25 or so, as that's more than 1 and not enough to leave impressions on the backing paper.

Isn't that a bit odd though? What I've been reading leads me to think that I should be around 100 or more .. ?

I'll be happy to try more testing, but I don't think I can adjust the blade any further inside the holder.

Is my machine just .. special?


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Okay, thanks. I feel better knowing someone else has a similar situation.

I wouldn't know how to check if it's really changing the pressure between 1 and 2 or 2 and 22.

As long as it's happy, I guess I'm happy too.

Thanks for the responses, it is appreciated.

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