How to put these to parts of the file together then make it look like that

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I'm posting this here instead of "Grapic Request" because I want instructions on how to do this. Instructions or website, how to video link anything like that will help me. If you also post the 2 eps files that i need as an end result of following instructions that would be greatly appreciated to. But mostly I want to learn so I can stop asking for help all the time.

I have this eps file I found in graphics help and its in two parts how can I overlay the two parts? I prefer to use inkscape to do this because I have been unsuccessful with opening anything I do in SIgnBlazer in Signcut. I can open this eps in sign cut but the two parts cut seperately so this eps file doesn't do me any good untill I can figure out HOW TO OVERLAY THE TWO PARTS.

The other thing I would like to do after is I get this overlayed save the file in it's current state and make another file that has the wording DACHSHUND into the body. I can add the wording to the bottom but can't seem to add it into the body.

So here is the eps of the overlay I can't seem to do correctly and here is picture of what I want to accomplish for the inside of my picture frame.

Any ideas? Resources tutorials or instructions? I learn better from print so if I can print it out and follow the instructions that would work best for me! Thanks all you have all been a huge help on my crazy crafting journey that now involves using a computer.

dach. .eps


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open the image in SB ...create a white box and place over the one u dont want..(covering it completely)...Select ARRANGE..then click WELD...then click TOTAL u have only one dog!!!!

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