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Creation Kingcut A280..... Need help BAD !!!

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I have a vinyl cutter made from Creation Kingcut a280 and can not found the right fIrmware or drivers for it .

Im using LXi 7.5 software and when I get the program installed it doesn't find the cutter as a usb because in the Production Manager under setup when you select a port it doesn't have usb in the selection , but in the device manger of the computer running windows xp home with sevice pack 3 it shows the VectorSoft Cuter Board and its shows in the USB location (0)

Now I did find a firmware update for the A series cutters but it didnt list the A280 in it show i did a dumb thing and loaded the A630 firmware and it took , It now shows in the divice driver KingCut630 -VectorSoft Cuter Board and when i restarted the cuter it boots up with Version 2.11 A630 on the cutters display when it just turns on then goes to x0.000 / y0.000

Yes I have checked the com ports and nothing is in there , it only shows in the usb

On the cutter it says KINGCUT Creation on the front display

This cutter doesn't have a serial port on it only an usb slot !!

On the back of the cutter it says its The A Series Vinyl Cutter KINGCUT A serial # 200408607359 and the model looks like it got a black marker dot in the A280 box .. there are also boxs with no marks in them for A630 , A900, A1200

This cuttter does do the test cut when holding down test button for the 3 sec it cuts circles 100% FINE

Hope you can help im at my end with this cutter

Any question, thought or drivers please reply

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Not too sure about that particular model. Have you checked with the company you purchased it from? If it is like the Creation units that USCutter sells, when you plug the USB cable in, it should show up under the Ports category of your Device Manager. It should also be assigned a COM port #, like 1, 2, 3, etc...but not 0.

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