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As a totally new member to this site and vinyl cutting in general, I'd recommend a forum entitled 'GETTING STARTED' that would cater to new users like myself, perhaps witch a bunch of sticky topics.  :huh:

Some of the potential topics to include:

1) Vinyl

Types of vinyl, recommended sources, etc. People like me have no idea what the types of vinyl are, what thicknesses are good for what, brands, sources, etc. Maybe USCutter can offer a starter pack for sale; something for new users to play with, get an idea of what's available, etc.

2) Transfer tape

What are the types of transfer tape? What works best for what type of vinyl, application, etc. Where to buy? How to apply?

3) Weeding

How to cut for easier weeding (seems like software has many options that are Greek to me). Do you need a weeding tool? Are there techniques that make it easier? Faster? Better?

4) Application

I mean the basics- like what is a wet transfer? How to get a smooth application? Surface prep?

5) Software

What are the options, differences between packages or versions, etc. I have no idea what the benefits of upgrading my software, vs. buying another package. Signcut vs. SignBlazer vs. ;D

6) FAQs

Basic questions about vinyl cutting... Like how does the blade get aligned as its cutting? How do you select a speed? All the stuff that's obvious to experienced people, but completely a mystery to new users.

Just some suggestions.

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There are separate sections in this forum on both Vinyl and Software. Most likely any question you might have you will find the answer to there.

As for your software question...whether you upgrade or not depends totally on what you intend to do. I run a full-time sign shop with Signblazer and Flexi. Each will do a few things the other won't but I find SignBlazer the best of the 2. You can upgrade to the pro version but most of the features in SignBlazer that are disabled in Elements,you can still do with a few more steps (outlining,for example). I've been using SignBlazer for about 6 months now and still haven't found a reason to upgrade.

As for the others..I've tried them all and none were as easy to use or had the features that SignBlazer elements has. For the money, SignBlazer is really the best out there. You can pay thousands of dollars for Flexi or others,and at the end of the day, Signblazer will still do most of what they will do.

Be sign software,there is DESIGN software,CUTTING software,and a combination of both. SignCut is really just cutting software. You need another applicatoon such as Corel or inkscape,to design your signs and send to SignCut for cutting. Signblazer is both. Design and Cut.

My advice with Signblazer for awhile, explore the potential,and read EVERY post in the signblazer section of this forum. You will pick up a lot of tips there. The Signblazer manual is really designed for the pro version.

If you need any step-by-step on anything,you can always PM me or one of the others. I'm usually avaiable more so than anyone. I do from time to time even give my phone number out if needed for a walk-through in real time.

Just a note. I have Corel and AI...never use them. They were a waste of my money.

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