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  1. cwfreitas

    Sublimation colors are dull

    I am new to sublimation printing and my first project was a sandstone coaster. The colors were dull. The printer I used was sawgrass 400. I used the heat-press settings that were given for sand stone coasters. I placed the paper down with image facing up. I placed the coaster down and then a Teflon sheet over the coasters. I pressed at 400 for 240 seconds. What am I doing wrong.
  2. cwfreitas

    Treat Wood

    Hi, I feel I should have done some more research prior to buying my sawgrass printer. I thought I could sublimate on all surfaces. I have a cnc machine and I wanted to use the printer to apply images on my wood working projects. Is there a way to treat the wood to allow me to do this? Any information you can provide would be appreciated.