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  1. Stone engraver

    Some questions--

    I'd like to know if Powerdriver that comes with the Sawgrass 400 will support a graphics program I have used for quite awhile, it is Printshop 23, put out by Broderbund. Everything I read on the web about the Sawgrass and Powerdriver refers to using Corel or Adobe. Printshop offers great text manipulation, ability to import clipart from the web or discs, photo touchup, etc. I feel really comfortable using this program. Also I'd like to know if I should switch my web browser from Microsoft Edge to Firefox or Chrome in order to better use the Sawgrass system. Thanxs again for any advice, info, etc !!! Have a great nite---
  2. Stone engraver

    Sawgrass 400

    I just bought a sawgrass 400 printer and heatpress. Wanting to know if my computer has enough push to run the printer and software. I have a Dell, it has an i3 4030CPU@1.90 GHz processor, RAM is 6.00. 64 bit windows 10 home edition. Will this be OK or should I consider getting another computer with a little more push. Thanxs, any info really appreciated.
  3. I just got my new Titan 2 with the Vinylmaster LTR software. Got the software installed and cutter set up. I can't seem to locate where the extras ( additional fonts and clipart) is accessed. Been thru Vinylmaster and also there was no icon to click on to open the extras. I removed the extras from the control panel and reinstalled, still can't seem to find it. I'm using Windows 10. Any body have any ideas?