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    SCAL won't cut but SignBlazer will. Why?

    thanks for the reply Donn. I do think i have the correct drivers installed because i was able to get the cutter to cut a file through Sign Blazer. But i can't get it to cut anything through SCALP.
  2. I'm very very new to this. like 6 hours of experience here. But i cannot find the answers i need so i'm hoping one of you may know. Background: Just bought a used COPAM 2500 The sticker on my cp2500 which i assume is a serial number says 027551 from Dec 2008. Trying to use it with a Mac (10.10.5) Or with a PC running Windows 7. I kind of gave up on making the cutter work with the Mac. I moved on to trying to get it to work with my PC Cutter powers up and will make test cuts with no USB plug present. I tried downloading drivers, drivers, and more drivers. Downloaded SignCutPro 2 beta, the interface seems ok. I can import .ai files, got the copam 2500 selected as my cutter. got the correct com selected. but can't get the cutter to respond at all when i click "cut." no error codes or anything. it looks as though it is sending the job to the cutter, but the cutter does not respond at all. So i decide to try Sign Blazer. What a terrible, terrible, looking program. but i at least got the cutter to cut a test file that the program came with. So the PC is at least recognizing the cutter, we know that. So i try to import a .ai file to Sign Blazer and the interface of it is just so terrible that I just can't bring myself to use it. I begin looking for a better designed program and find SCAL. It's better than SCP and SB, but still not great. Since it's the best program i could find so far, and it says its compatible with the Copam family, i try it. Importing .ai files is a breeze. Got the cutter set up as a copam with the correct com as my default cutter. Interface is clear enough. But, you guessed it, i click cut and nothing happens. I even try the Test Connection button in the Cut Settings dialogue box. No movement at all from the cutter. When i click cut it appears to send the job to the cutter, a box pops up that says "Cutting data was sent to the cutting machine" and everything. But the cutter does nothing. Anybody have any ideas of what i could do to get SCAL to work between my windows 7 and my CP-2500?