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  1. I have read that a few places. Tried it. All I get is NOVRAM then HL metric ENG GL metric KANA HL inch ENG No other options in the menu, and nothing about a factory reset. Of that is the FR into those base options..... no effect if that is the case. Maybe it's possessed.
  2. When I turn on my plotter, it says 60 V6.00GL So I tried to update the firmware to 6.4 I get either BAD FIRMWARE or CHECKSUM ERROR Any idea how to get around this? I just get it syncing endlessly with Win 10, AI 2015 CM and Studio Has never worked since upgrading to Windows 10. Thanks JM
  3. I'll start a new thread as the title of this one is not helpful now. Thanks! JM
  4. Tried updating the firmware and this time get BAD FIRMWARE and CHECK SUM ERROR when trying. Can't see anything different to do. Says current version on startup is 60 V6.00GL At least it's encouraging to know it does indeed work with 10! I'll keep trying but not sure what else I can do... reinstalled everything.
  5. My CE5000-60 was working great.... then I upgraded to Windows 10 and AI 2015. Nada. Just sits there syncing forever. Updated the firmware Installed the driver & controller Installed CM 3 Sync sync sync...... Anyone have this issue? Thanks, JM