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  1. Anyone near central Florida have some 4x8 banners with grommets already done that could sell them to me?
  2. I have a customer who's interested in these shirts She wants a small design in vinyl. Has anyone had any experience on this type of shirt? I'm wondering if it will leave press marks that don't go away thanks!
  3. iceemudd2

    Cannot get cutter to respond

    Update: support thinks it's a motherboard issue
  4. iceemudd2

    Cannot get cutter to respond

    Sc 25 inch. Yes. Restarted everything, unplugged it and still no go.
  5. iceemudd2

    Cannot get cutter to respond

    It flashes for maybe half a second that "now is cutting" but the carriage doesn't even move. Nothing happens.
  6. iceemudd2

    Cannot get cutter to respond

    They're the same. Still no response. The hardware tab says this device is working properly but I have to disagree
  7. iceemudd2

    Cannot get cutter to respond

    No. It won't respond at all. Even when selecting test on the cutter itself, it's yet to drop the blade and actually cut.
  8. iceemudd2

    Cannot get cutter to respond

    On sign blazer it's the same but in vinyl master, I can't get it to detect the cutter.
  9. I feel like I'm missing something super simple. I have my cutter set up, but when I try to do a "test" it does...nothing. The screen briefly flashes something about doing a test cut but nothing actually happens. Also, I have installed the driver on my computer but I can't get it to respond to any commands from signblazer or vinylmaster. Neither can detect the cutter. I feel like it's probably something super simple, but I cannot for the life of me figure it out. Any ideas? also, I am using the USB that came with the cutter, no serial ports on my laptop and nowhere locally to pick up the Tripple thing that's posted about on here. I really need to get it up asap
  10. Hi everyone. I have an old PCUT 630 that bit the dust. I'm considering purchasing an SC series to replace it. Can anyone tell me if the stand from the PCUT will fit this cutter? Thanks!