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    Wont Detect Device

    I had the same issue upon initial setup. I'm currently running Windows 10 and no matter what I did, it seemed that Vinylmaster Cut v4 wouldn't detect my SC Cutter via USB. I had the Connection Method set to Direct USB Port and chose Detect countless times in the Settings section below. It wasn't until I switched the Port Type from USB to Direct COM Port that I was able to get it to work. From there, I chose Detect (or Auto Detect), allowed it to run through its tests and the machine finally came to life. It seems counter-intuitive that you would need to choose any option other than USB when using a USB interface, but here we are lol. Current Setup: Windows 10 USB Vinylmaster Cut v4.0 USCutter SC Series
  2. TheTonyAnderson

    Got my first order.

    That's great! Can't wait to see it!
  3. Okay. So, are we saying that parchment paper is the way to go? If so, any idea where I could find it in same thickness (mil)?