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  1. Ive just purchased a printer cutter and have no idea how to price anything, as i have been doing only die cuts for the last 3 years, which i know how to price. i cannot figure out how to effectively price printed decals. are there any formulas to factor in price of ink and the vinyl it is being printed on? i am currently being asked to quote a price for 3000 1 color 2"x2" stickers. i have found a formula online that kinda helped. it was width x height x10 cents, so 2x2=4x.10=$.40 per decal. does that seem right. i am also trying to beat the prices of a larger sign shop and i dont want to quote something if it is totally crazy. please help.
  2. Connor

    4'' x 4' Snow Plowing signs

    whatsw really funny about that post is that if youre getting paid to make someone a sign then youre officially a sign guy.
  3. Connor

    Custom Jobs

    Just a couple of my custom sign jobs
  4. Connor

    Some Recent Work

    some of my recent work
  5. i woudlnt sell those to the public. thats a good way to get notre dames laywers coming down on you for copyrights and all that other legal nonsense. just an opinion. big bucks to possibly shell out if you get caught. just something to think about.
  6. Connor

    My first 2 color decal...

    thats sick.
  7. Connor

    Lighter Wraps

    the time is in the weeding. its all cut and then wrapped. i hand cut strips of other colors to place under the top layer, and used the actual color of the lighter. it only takes about a minute to wrap each one, once you get them lined up.
  8. Connor

    Lighter Wraps

    i would have liked to have kept the inside of the letters but they were so small that when i weeded the designs they would pop off the backing so i just got rid of them all. makes it look more consistent.
  9. Connor

    Vintage Dr. Gonzo

    Custom Decal Job. Vintage Dr. Gonzo from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.
  10. Connor

    Lighter Wraps

    Here are some lighter wraps ive done with my info on the back.
  11. Which transfer tapes are good? Ive used a couple and they always seem to peel at the edges.
  12. Connor

    Need to be able to cut this on the plotter

    i use corel draw x5 and created an .eps file for you. sorry i cant explain how to do it for yourself. dog bones.eps
  13. Connor

    a couple custom decals

    Here are a couple custom decals I've made.
  14. any website that sells vector images will have a page describing the licensing and royalties. i use and for a design its about 1 credit = 1 dollar, and for the extended license which would allow me to reprint and use it royality free its 25 credit = 25$. sont be afraid to email the company and ask thye are always helpful.
  15. check out they have a million different products for packaging including bags and boxes. they sell in large quantities but its worth it